Slim Chance & The Gamblers

Slim Chance (Mario Casella) and the Gamblers

Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC The music of "Slim Chance & The Gamblers" is strongly based in Blues and R&B. Our objective is to play for the body, mind and soul in that danceability and lyrical substance are key factors. Each member brings their own special musical character and influence into the concoction that makes the unique sound that is "S.C.&.T.G... It's been said that " 0ur sound seems to fall somewhere between "The Black Keys", "J. Geils" and "War". Our sound is as diversified in the blues realm as Joe Bonnamassa, Bonnie Raitt, or Delbert Mc Clinton.

The line up includes: Mario Casella, lead vocals, guitar, Rockin' Randy Ledet, keyboards, vocals, Eric G. Greene, Guitar, Jimmy Grant, 7 string bass, vocals, Steve (Night Train) Murphy, drums, and Johnny G. Reo, percussion and drums. Together we create a diverse sound that all audiences can enjoy, and our fans love to dance to our music.

We think of our sound as being a kind of “Bluesrockafunkadelica, which is Blues, Rock, Funk and Psychedelic music combined, "Together we take the gamble at laying our time and our love for music on the table. Serendipity has brought me a wonderful band, wonderful friends and now I am blessed with the gift of song".

An evening with Slim Chance & The Gamblers could also include songs from artists that helped shape our sound such as Santana.... to Jimmy Buffett Bob Marley to Little Feat or Eric Clapton to The Meters... Greatful Dead to Dr. John... Allman Brothers to Van Morrison or Rolling Stones to Jimmy Cliff... and many more such as Zack Brown, Bruce Springsteen, The Drifters, Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Four Tops, Temptations, John Prine, Stevie Wonder, Eagles, The Isley Bros to name a few. Oh Yeah, did I mention some Classic Blues to Rock & even a Little Trop Rock or zydeco from south Louisiana to round out the day.

Mario Casella (Slim Chance)


Mario Casella of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter Mario Casella

Mario Casella is a guitar playing singer song writer who's blues roots show in most everything he writes. He incorporates elements of Blues, Rock ,Soul, and country into his writing. Richard Skelly of The Asbury Pk. Press and Dom Gregoria of The Rag Magazine have praised his song writing and performance abilities and Rag magazine called his debut cd with Slim Chance & The Gamblers "A Masterpiece" ( Nov. edition.)

His musical career began in the hills of New Hampshire in 1970 jamming and playing with the likes of Aerosmith. Later his band "Troublemaker" was produced by Mick Ronson of David Bowie fame. During the same period he found himself playing with C.B.S.recording artist Charlie (Midnight) Kaufman of James Browns Living In America LP fame. Marios studio and live music career has spanned over 40 years.

He is now establishing himself in New Jerseys Asbury Pk. area as one of its premiere singer songwriter artist. Slim Chance & The Gamblers is his Dream come true band made up of 8 of the most talented players in the Asbury area. In their recent show at the Iridium in Manhattan they received rave reviews from the clubs staff and management as well as from the crowd.


Rockin' Randy of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Rockin' Randy Ledet - Keyboards/Vocals/Arranger

It all began for Randy at the tender age of three, when he begged his parents and prospective buyers, not to sell the family piano but instead allow him to have the instrument that would shape his life. Since his fateful beginning as a musical prodigy of sax and piano he has become one of the most sought after keyboard players in New Jersey where he presently resides. He has played with many great musicians, like vocalist/harp player, Little Sammy Davis, and guitarist Midnight Slim (both one time members of the Levon Helm Band), as on The Don Imus Show. He has also produced Music & Jingles for Don Imus and Mike & Mad Dog popular radio shows.

Randy has recorded with many musical artist including Benny Troy (Comma Sutra records). In his early days he played with Louisiana based bands like "The Rite", "Chill Factor", and "Ashbrook" who did concert openings for bands like The Meters (Neville Bros.,) Professor Long Hair, just to name a few. After touring the US. and Europe, the road led him to New Jersey . In 1990 he teamed up with powerhouse vocalist Candy Nelson to form "The Candy Rockmore Group" one of the busiest acts on the east coast for a decade.

Today he is a front man performer in his own right known all across the Jersey Coast as "Rockin' Randy." Randy met Mario (Slim Chance) Casella while sharing an open mic jam session at Asbury Park's well known Asbury Blues Night Club. The musical bond was immediate. They decided right then and there that they needed to make music together. Randy's chops, voice and Louisiana influence are an invaluable asset to the sound that could only be S.C.&.T.G..


Eric G. Greene of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Eric (E.G.) Greene - Guitar/Producer/Arranger

It was seeing the old clip of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show from 1964 when Eric first knew what he wanted to do with his life. From that point on, he got his first guitar, took lessons at a local studio near his home town of Madison, NJ, and listened intently to records from BB King, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, David Gilmore, Joe Walsh and Dwayne Allman, learning by ear how to stylize his own sound.

He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he majored in Production and Arrangement. E.G. soon found a group of like-minded musicians at Berklee, some from his home state of NJ, and they decided to head back to the Jersey shore and get established in the Asbury Park music scene.

E.G. joined Kristian Rex and Bully, who played regularly at the iconic Stone Pony, The Fast Lane and NYC hotspots like The Ritz, TRAX and CBGB…..opening for artists such as Joe Jackson, Meatloaf, Ian Hunter, Steve Forbert, and others.

E.G. became a regular session player, writer and producer in NYC full time. That’s when his band mate Mario , (singer/songwriter/bassist and guitarist) and Eric produced some recordings of Mario’s music, which met local critical acclaim as a WDHA-FM 2nd place contest winner and gained airplay at the station. After years of being out of touch, Mario Casella reached out to Eric and formed an 8 piece band known as Slim Chance & The Gamblers, again producing together and releasing a critically acclaimed self-titled record in 2012. The band plays in the Northeast, where they continue to develop a grass roots following in the NYC/Asbury Park/Atlantic City/Philadelphia area


Jim Grant of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Jim Grant - 7 String Bass & Vocals

Upon graduating high school Jim invested in his first bass, self-taught and in less than a year he landed a full time gig with the cover band Touch. Jim gained experience quickly, playing 5 shows a day at Great Adventure and 5 shows a night in the hotel circuit weekly. In sharing the stage with Gary Bruno Jim was introduced to Gerry Carboy with whom he had the privilege to study under, which aided to build the foundation for Jim’s technique and chops. In addition to the impact Graham Maby had on Jim some other influences are Jaco Pastorious, Tony Levin, Jack Bruce and Victor Wooten and among many other greats.

After 3 years of cover bands and a diversified range of music from classical, jazz, rock, heavy metal, and of course the blues, Jim set forth and pursued original projects. Included in these projects were Youth in Asia, Point of View and Now Voyager where Jim met Yuri Turchyn with whom he is still a band mate of in Grupo Yuri an original Latin funk fusion band.

In the year 2000, Jim purchased his first 7 string bass and has been playing one ever since. While playing a blues jam session in 2011 at Asbury Blues Jim met Mario Casella and soon after was asked to join Slim Chance and the Gamblers.

Steve Murphy of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Steve (Night Train) Murphy - Drums

In 1978 Steve joined Kristian Rex and Bully, an Original Pop Rock band. It was here that Steve first met SC&TG band mates Eric Greene and Mario Casella. KR&B was a great learning experience for Steve on how to craft a song, focusing on dynamics and simplicity.

Following CR&B in the early 80s Steve joined Nursery Cryme, a Genesis tribute band, while also working on original projects with fellow ex band mates Nejat Bakin and Gary Shapiro (Stone Feather) and Stanley Jankowski (Days) on projects that continue to this day. Following Nursery Cryme, Steve and friends Mark Ribler and Gary Shapiro formed the cover/original band Contact playing the tri-state area. Steve went on to join Yasgur’s Farm in 1988 for two years, a legendary Woodstock era tribute band.

For the next two decades Steve kept busy primarily on recording projects with old band mates and friends.In May 2011 Steve was reunited with Kristian Rex and Bully band mates Mario Casella and Eric Greene for the first time in over 30 years and asked to join Slim Chance and the Gamblers, an original Blues, R&B contemporary Rock band led by Mario (Slim) and Eric on guitar.


Johnny G. Reo of Slim Chance & The Gamblers At The Iridium Jazz Club In NYC

Johnny G. Reo - Drummer/Percussionist/ Producer/ Author

Played with Recording Artists while in teen years- Lazarus, Billy Falcon, The Drifters, Johnny Johnson, The Marvelettes, Garth Hudson, Clarence Spadey, Billy Daniels, Eric Lundell, The Miami Horns.

Johnny was a member of Latin Salsa group Caribe Of Key West for 3 years, which featured special guest artists including percussion greats Giovanni Hidalgo & Miguel Cruz.


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